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The Kentwood Education Fund (KEF) is the Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) for Kentwood Elementary. It is a tax-exempt, charitable organization formed to:

  1. Foster relationships among the school, parents and teachers.
  2. Enhance the educational facilities and opportunities for the students otherwise not provided for in the school budget.
  3. Promote volunteer programs and resources for Kentwood Elementary.
  4. Sponsor projects and events for the benefit of Kentwood Elementary.
  5. Raise funds as required to provide for all of the above objectives.

PTO Membership is open to all parents or guardians of children attending Kentwood Elementary School and faculty or staff of Kentwood Elementary School. Qualification for voting membership is a voluntary monetary donation of $25 for the 2016-2017 school year.

2016-2017 PTO Executive Board
President Doug Lee president@kentwoodes.org
VP Fundraising Dee Dee Lody fundraising@kentwoodes.org
VP Fundraising Jenifer Dodez fundraising@kentwoodes.org
VP Communications Janet Maza communications@kentwoodes.org
Treasurer Amy Born treasurer@kentwoodes.org
Secretary Aisha Harris secretary@kentwoodes.org
At Large Karla Delfosse atlarge@kentwoodes.org
At Large Sandi Gappy atlarge@kentwoodes.org
Teacher Tanasha Williamson
Teacher Stephanie Sharif