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Get Involved in the PTO and find out more about the Kentwood PTO.

Volunteering is the backbone of the PTO fundraising efforts. With the state budget cuts this year, we need your help more than ever. Find out how you can get involved and become a volunteer.

From the Bunny Hop to the Hawaiian raffle, PTO volunteers organize various fundraising events and programs throughout the year. See our fundraising events and goals.

Cash donations to the PTO are always welcome.


The Kentwood Education Fund (KEF) is the Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) for Kentwood Elementary. It is a tax-exempt, charitable organization formed to: Foster relationships among the school, parents and teachers. Enhance the educational facilities and opportunities for the students otherwise not provided for in the school budget. Promote volunteer programs and resources for Kentwood Elementary. Sponsor …

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Volunteering is the backbone of the PTO fundraising efforts and there are ample opportunities for parents to get involved. We have small time commitments of as little as 30 minute volunteer shifts at school events like the Ice Cream Social or Back to School picnic. Parents with great organization skills might want to be a …

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One of the things that makes Kentwood successful is our amazing Fundraising!  Our families help drive our efforts to bridge the gap between the LAUSD budget and what we need to run a successful and thriving school program.  Last year fundraising drove over $100,000 and our families donated over $20,000 of that to help fund …

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Cash donations to the PTO are always welcome. Click here for information on making a direct donation There are two ways to make direction donations to the Kentwood PTO: Mail a check made out to “Kentwood Education Fund” to: Kentwood Education Fund 8401 Emerson Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90045 Use PayPal to make an online …

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Want to know more about the concerns and successes of Kentwood? The Kentwood Governance / SSC might be something you would like to check out. SSC is an acronym for School Site Council. At Kentwood we have combined it with Governance to save time and cover a wider area of concerns than just an SSC. …

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