Traffic Safety

ATTENTION KENTWOOD FAMILIES! We all have busy lives. We rush to get the kids to school on time and pick them up immediately after school so that they can either go home, attend a music lesson or participate in a soccer practice. Whatever your reasons may be for rushing around, we forget that our driving around in such a fast blur can, and does, cause traffic accidents.

During the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, we have observed many of our families causing many traffic problems.

We ask that you obey the rules of the road and they are simple:

  • Please pull over and park your vehicle to let your child out safely onto the sidewalk. Do not stop your vehicle in the driving lane. This stops traffic all around you, but more importantly, puts your child at risk of being struck by another vehicle;
  • Do not park your vehicle in the school’s driveway or in the driveways of our neighbors. These are not parking areas.
  • Reduce your speed while in the school zone.
  • Stay off your cell phone while driving in the school zone.
  • Do not honk your horn in order to get your child’s attention. The horn is for emergency purposes only.

If you are already late for drop-off or pick-up, an additional minute or two will not make a difference. However, it only takes a second to cause an accident. Being the cause of an accident is something you cannot ignore. Please drive safely!